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DNA Ancestry Testing Services

SALE - LIMITED OFFER - Ancestry DNA  testDNA Diagnostics Centre (DDC) offers a selection of thrilling Ancestry DNA testing services for lineage purposes and our AncestrybyDNA test if you want to determine your genetic profile. If you are eager to discover the origins of your mothers or fathers side of your family you will require a lineage test. If you wish to determine your genetic profile and are inquisitive to know how European, African, indigenous American or Asian you are in % terms you will the innovative and popular AncestrybyDNA test is required.

Our ancestry DNA kits have full information on the Ancestry DNA test you require enclosed and swabs for the straightforward collection of your DNA sample. Our ancestry services include the following:


For further information on our ancestry services, please call our ancestry department on 0861 DNATES (0861 362 837) or send us your message below and a member of our customer services department will assist you.

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